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1 October 2022

~ Benjamin Ardé

​Founding Pastor at Arc® & #Pray4SA™

There will be many, unfortunately, that will be losing houses and businesses, but You will be positioning Your people for a great breakthrough and a great deliverance, in Jesus’ mighty name.


Lord, thank You for the Samsons that are rising up once again—those that have been seduced, Lord, and given into the temptation but they shall come back, Father, and You will use them in their latter to push down the walls of the enemy, walls of the enemy and bring destruction to those that are not called to be in position. They will be removed for they have been mocking, MOCKING, MOCKING, Lord, the Samsons. Lord, yes, because of their failures but they are coming back. Their hair is growing back. The power is coming back to Your Church and Holy Spirit You will lead Your Church.


The enemy in South Africa is trying to put some—I see in the unseen realm—some locks, these locks to block, block, block what God is planning. Father God, send Your angels. I ask You to send. We all just pray right now. Send Your angels now. Send Your angels now and bring Your hammer, O God, and smash, smash, smash, smash what they are doing with their nets, O God. Lord, sticky nets, spider nets, O God, in Jesus’ mighty name.​

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