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24 September 2017

~ Benjamin Ardé

​Founding Pastor at Arc® & #Pray4SA™

‘Take the steps of faith,’ says the Lord.  ‘Take the big steps of faith; you will begin to see Me meet you there. Take steps of faith for I am moving you into a new season. As you take the steps, I’ll lead you beyond 5, 10, 15 years.  I’ll step you into a next season,’ says God.  ‘Breakthroughs of what should have taken a long time will happen in an accelerated pace in this hour and this season,’ says God.  ‘For I am doing a work of restoration and I am doing a work,’ says God ‘where I am doing an integration. I am bringing things together.  I am bringing things together and I am unifying.'  


'And then what I spoke about in the gathering and what I spoke about,’ says God, ‘about the moving of My Spirit that shall take place – the length and the breadth,’ says the Lord.  ‘Many are sitting in a comfort place.  And hear the word, hear My Word, hear My Word:  Get out of comfort.  Get out comfort.  Refuse the comfort, refuse the place of mediocrity, refuse that frustration; and step in, and take it and you will move with it and you will experience it,’ says God. 


‘I’m doing major shifts right now in the government.  I’m doing major shifts,’ says God, ‘politically.  I’m doing major shifts in the financial institutions. Major changes are going to begin to take place even in the next 6 to 9 months,’ says God.  ‘A lot of changes,’ says God. 


‘And so, do not fear and do not be afraid,’ because the Lord says, ‘I’m involved,’ says God. ‘Just keep praying, keep praying, keep praying; keep praying.  Keep praising, praising and praising and praising and praying.  And I will bring from what’s the bottom to the top, and I will raise up and I will elevate,’ says God. 


‘Even,’ says the Lord, ‘there is a corruption that is going to be exposed in the one of the parties that is the second most powerful party,’ says the Lord.  ‘There is a big corruption that I am going to expose,’ says God, ‘and it’s going to fall flat and then people will say:  “Who do we vote in now?  Who is our source?”  Well, I am your source,’ says God.  ‘Many have put their source in a party,’ but God says, ‘I am raising up,’ says God, ‘even in this nation, new parties,’ says God. 


‘New parties,’ says the Lord, ‘those that are filled with My Spirit.  New men that I am going to raise up, even like they say:  “Who is this?  Who is this?  Who is this?”  That’s what they are going to say about My people.  That’s what they are going to say about My saints,’ says God. ‘“Who is this and where do they come from?”  I’ve prepared them. I’ve prepared them and they are coming, they are coming, they coming, even in this nation,’ says the Lord. 


‘Yes, they’ve looked down on you. But I’ve looked at you.  I’ve seen you.  I’ve watched you.  I’ve listened.  I’ve heard. And I shall bring and I shall favour,’ says the Lord, ‘even My beloved.’ 

Many in the business world shall be disrupted. Many of them shall freak out. Fear not, for it shall be for the good. I will put My Joseph’s, I will put My ones in place. 


That which would want to squeeze and destroy – the serpent’s head shall be cut off.  It shall be a kneeling down. It shall be a surrender from the top to the bottom. I am bringing this about.

There shall be a crisis in the land. It is nigh. It shall be a great crisis that shall come, but it shall draw My people to seek the face of God. Fear not when it comes.


Know that I am God. Know that I see. Know that I observe. Know that I am using it for My glory. 


Then you shall see who are the ones that carry My Word. A new authority, a fresh authority, a fresh power – it shall not be watered anymore. That which has been diluted shall not stand for many that have taken of that, they shall die. They shall die in that place. They shall not be sustainable, that which has been diluted, for there shall be a great hunger for the freshness, for the Bread, for the Word, for the Word and for the Spirit. 


It’s going to happen very quickly. 


Many are those that have diluted and diluted. They shall find themselves running dry for I shall turn their lights off. The lights are going off – out, out, out. They’re out. No more. Out, out, out, out.’

I shall deal with the idols. Many things shall come crashing down. And those that have not prepared shall freak out for there shall be nowhere to go. But those that have found the refuge shall be shielded and protected, and I have the wealth prepared for this hour and for this time.


I shall come with a great weight of My glory and My presence behind the house and behind the man of God. The Spirit of conviction shall be there, and a conviction of sin shall be there. Many shall come and run to the altar, for mass repentance shall begin. I have stayed away for a while, but My weight, My heavy weight, that which reveals the secrets – that which reveals the hearts.

There shall be much rejoicing, but there shall be much stillness for I will meet with you in a place of peace. I shall bring you to that place of peace, a tranquility from many storms. A tranquility that is supernatural, that shall come upon many in this hour. For it’s a peace that surpasses understanding that brings authority over circumstance. 


This is a gift that I am releasing to those that have called on Me in this season. Praise Me for it, for it’s coming,” says the Lord. 

Prophetic Word

24 September 2017 

~ Benjamin Ardé

​Founding Pastor at Arc® & #Pray4SA™

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