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3 December 2023

~ Benjamin Ardé

​Founding Pastor at Arc® & #Pray4SA™

“And what about the nation of South Africa? Am I finished? No,” says the Lord.

“I am beginning a new thing,” says God. “Many are in a position or positioning
themselves for a fight,” the Lord says. “One is for great destruction and calamity.
One is with a political business agenda,” but the Lord would say, “This nation has
My handprint on her.

This nation has My Word on her, and I will gather from every nation, tribe and
people, and there shall be My glory in this nation.
There shall be My fire in this nation.
There shall be My Word in this nation.
There shall be fruitfulness and growth in this nation.
I shall pull the rug from those that have been playing in the Church.
I shall pull the rug from the politicians, and I will expose them,” says the Lord.

“I shall bring it into light,” says the Lord. “I am doing a work with those that many
would overlook - many of the poor, many of the rejected, many of the struggling,
many that are even those that have come into this nation from other nations, those
that are from other parts of Africa.” And the Lord would say, “They are going to be
swept under My Spirit and My glory.”


“For I am doing something,” says God. “And I shall begin to connect for this,”
hallelujah, “this greater work.” Amen.

“And the enemy can do nothing about it for it has been already established in the
spiritual realm.”


“They have tried.” The Lord would say, “New reinforcements are being sent in this
day, in this hour.”


“And like explosions, it shall begin to break the establishment and the networks that
are not of Me.”


“There are even ministers and preachers that are operating, and they are actually
sangomas secretly, and I shall break their power. And they know where the true
power is and they have discussed it, but their only power has been to try and limit and curse.” But God says, “Every curse is reversed and it is sent back to where it came from” in Jesus’ name.

Glory to God.

“My throne room shall be established in the highest heavens.
My Kingdom shall be established.
My authority shall be established.”


“Stop looking and worrying about what the enemy plans,” because the Lord would
say, “I am dispatching My angels in this hour.”


“Some are being humbled. Some are being pushed into a place of greater faith and dependency on Me. Some would look at the system and say, ‘But it’s hopeless.’ But I would say even unto thee: I am the Door. I am the Way. And if you look to Me, I will show you and I will give you the insight, and you will go through and you will not be touched. When I delivered My people, was it natural or was it supernatural? Know this, that I am the God of the impossible. Many things will get worse.
Many things will become impossible, but it is in this time that you will see My hand
working in the impossibilities.” In Jesus’ mighty name, Amen.

“And in the nation of South Africa, I will cause – if they do not stop – they will turn
on each other. The unity will break. Man trying to stand against God as God. There is
something about that in South Africa that I will cause them to turn on each other,”
says the Lord.

“And there are Samsons that shall arise again. Men that have failed and fallen that
God will use to bring victory,” says God. “Some that have been written off,” says the Lord. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

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